Monday, August 25, 2014

planning a major trip to LA is so overwhelming and i have so many questions because i don’t know anything and i can’t even go to the grocery store myself without being overwhelmed but i really want to do this because i want to do something crazy that could be really fun because i’ve always wanted to get out and explore the world but i feel so clueless and useless on my own someone tell me that i can do this and have nothing to worry about because alkshfskljad. if i know exactly what to do ahead of time then i’m fine. it’s just the spontaneous the unknown that i’m a bit skeptical about. i need preplanned schedule and prior knowledge of everything i’m gonna do.


  1. littleleafeu said: Of things you’d like to do and do your research then once you have an idea of everything start narrowing stuff down to things that CAN be done within the time frame and what NEEDS to be done and stuff like that
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