Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Suho mama sits down to hug and cheer for his injured bb Taozi~


hes gonna make a great seeing eye dog

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wow my dreams aren’t very nice. stop killing off my biases please!!! after a weird dream that my whole family was in an action movie and some of them “died” they ended up showing us real security camera footage that our movie was based off of and it was freakin kibum getting brutally murdered! wtf. i never want to see my pretty kibummie get smashed to pieces even if it’s just a dream. in my dream i was trying not to cry. and i woke up crying for real. how do you even cry in your sleep. i was struggling to breath which is probably what woke me up. what is going on with my brain it needs to stop.

Sungjae’s new hairstyle!

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